Month: April 2019

ledges at forum draw overseas experts’ praise

The international community has hailed President Xi Jinping’s call on Friday to ease mar ket access for foreign capital and increase imports so that opening-up reaches a higher level. Xi said in his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing that the purpose of […]

Chen Zhongjie, general manager of Hongdong Fishe

a company based in Fujian province, said that as a private fishery company, it is difficult for it to o btain loans for investing overseas, and his knowledge about overseas markets is limited. Sinosure’s insurance services have helped Hongdong obtain financing and accelerated Hongdo ng’s construction of a whole industrial chain fishery plant in Mauritania, […]

The drinking water source enforcement app integra

tes satellite remote sensing images, water environment problems spotted by satellite, water protection zone bound ary’s spatial data, water environment problems found by provinces and cities themselves and law enfo rcement data at the scene, and sends environmental problem lists to law enforcers at the scene to guide their work. The app was used during […]

More and more students are learning the Chinese cul

ulture and language through the exchange program which is vital for our economic, cultural, education ties and growth, she added. Political Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Namibia Yang Jun said lan guage is the bridge for a win-win situation and enhancing Namibia-China relations. “The education cooperation begins with language learning and tr aining. It […]