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Ma Yue, a sophomore, said he enjoys the freedom and pe

will allow pr上海龙凤品茶微信ivate citizens to stay at the International Space Station (ISS) for mo nth-long getaways at a cost of about $35,000 per night, the US space agency said on Friday. The shift reverses a long-standing prohibition against tourists and private interests at the orbiting research lab, and refle cts a broader push to expand […]

Customs cooperation to take aim at IPR violationsnd inter

China will expand international cooperation in enforcing intellectu al property rights to facilitate trade and create a favorable business environment for ente rprises from China and overseas, a customs official said on Wednesday. Cooperative customs mechanisms have been establ ished in more than 130 countries and regions, with more than 190 agree ments signed, including […]

Lan Fei, marketing center director for Guangzhou Wei

meizi Industrial Co in Guangdong province, said people in lower-tier cities have huge consumption power. In 2016, the company’s oral care brand Saky reached customers in lower-tier cities for the first time. Mor eover, the quality of oral care products in this market varies, so there is huge potential. In addition to traditional sales channels […]

In the past couple of years, Dong Biyong, a mille

lennial enjoyed buying many Palace Museum souvenirs, gifts and other creative produ cts. “I tried quite a few from makeup kits, lipstick, blush, to various creative gadgets. They are good so uvenirs in combining the Palace Museum culture and history with their functions,” Dong said. According to He Jianmin, a professor specializing in cultural tourism […]