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Guests moved through the verdant, clipped lawns of Mount St. Mary University Los Angeles campus recently making their way to Amat House, where documentarian Chris D. Nebe’s new film, Yib 爱上海女神会所 in: Golden Gateway to the Yangtze River, showed them a side of China rarely seen by foreigners.  爱上海The film incorporates striking images of evocative ancient […]

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To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on June 7, the fifth d ay of the fifth lunar month on the traditional Chinese calendar, foreign students from the C hinese Culture and Literature School at Nankai University learned to make zongzi, or pyramid-shaped glu tinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed leaves, and weave five-color strings to […]

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Father-sharing”, a mini interactive program on WeChat platform, recently went viral on social media. Although the name suggests it is taking the sharing business to a whole new level, the program is just a promotion campaign by the Guangdong-based furniture maker Oppein. Similar to a ride-hailing app, the mini program shows different kinds of “fathers” […]

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 maintain the overall balance of Earth’s ecology so the starry sky, lush mountains and floral fragr ance will be retained for future generations, who will enjoy material prosperity at the same time. Lucid waters and lush mountains are invalua ble assets. Improving the ecological environment is increasing productivity. We should embrace simple, moderate, green and […]