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What happened to the kidnapping of a rich wife?

The wife of a billionaire Norwegian businessman disappeared from her home near Oslo on October 31 last year. Local police recently confirmed that the woman had been kidnapped and said the incident “posed a very serious threat”. The kidnappers also offered a ransom of 9 million euros and demanded payment in encrypted currency equivalent. The […]

Most of Chongqing Quanjian Therapeutics have no

In Tian Eye Check, the registration address of many health centers is very vague. Chongqing Morning Post, upstream journalist Liu Lilin Follow-up of Quanjian Therapy in Chongqing On January 4, the upstream news covered the situation of Quan Jianfeng Sanatorium located in Chongqing downtown area under the title of “Quan Jianfeng Therapy”, “Surrounding the City […]

What happened to peak drug addiction again?

The former national football peak was caught by Shijingshan Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau for drug trafficking. On the evening of January 5, the Office of the National Drug Control Commission and the Beijing Drug Control Commission issued a statement on the situation, stating that the peak was arrested for taking methamphetamine again during […]

Kaka Successfully Proposed a Chinese Blessing

Former Golden Globe Award winner Kaka announced on his INS that his proposed girlfriend, Carolina, had succeeded. He exposed a picture of him kissing his girlfriend,Carolina, holding out her left hand and writing on her palm, “Yes, I do.” Kaka had been married before. His ex-wife was Caroline, and they had a very sweet relationship. Because […]